My first real taste of photography was on a Fine Art Diploma Course at Leicester College of Art, in 1968, when I was given a camera and a roll of black and white film to play with. I had to develop and process my photos in a traditional darkroom, and I can still remember the excitement I felt seeing an image magically appear!

I went on to study Graphic Design. During my final year at art college I produced, directed, and edited a 16mm documentary film that controversially highlighted inner-city social problems in a suburb of Coventry. I showed it to the stage and film director Lindsay Anderson who gave me a job as his assistant at The Royal Court Theatre, London, and on his feature film 'O Lucky Man!'. I'd entered the world of professional movie-making

An Editor's Eye

After 30 years working as a Freelance Film & Sound Editor in the UK Film and Television industry on cinema features, major TV dramas, commercials, and documentaries, I decided to revive my passion for the still image

When I take a photograph I'm always looking to edit. My instinct is to strip an image back to its simplest and most graphic form in an attempt to create maximum compositional impact. Less is more

I look for light; how it shapes and defines a subject, the subtleties of texture which can reveal something unusual and surreal. I try to see new perspectives and find beauty in everything, no matter how banal it may initially appear to be

I also like the idea of leaving the viewer with a sense of ambiguity