Client Reviews

"My parents had four photos sitting on their piano for many years and in the direct sunlight they had become discoloured and faded. In particular, one of them was of the Queen awarding my uncle his OBE and another was of myself at 3 with my grandfather. Given that both relatives are dead the photos are obviously very precious to the family. Gordi did a great job restoring the photos and the images are really much clearer and more vibrant. I would definitely recommend Gordi's work." (Rebecca Lewis, St Albans, Hertfordshire, UK)

"My husband had a photograph shown to him by his brother, it was a very old photo of his eldest brother that died at the age of 9 months, this had been kept in the attic for quite a while. The photo was over 90 years old, and was in a pretty bad shape, the actual photo was falling apart, bits of the picture had come away as well as a tear across the face, in fact it was in a awful mess. The backing had to be renewed and the frame really discoloured. We took it to Gordi Brown not thinking he could do anything with it, we left it in his capable hands. When we went to collect it, it had been transformed from a wreck to a work of art,Gordi Brown had even cleaned the frame. We don't believe in miracles, but one was certainly created here, in fact we are so pleased with his work, we will certainly be using his services again. We would definitely say that Gordi Brown certainly knows his job, so helpful, courteous, and has an eye for detail." (Mrs Sheila Barden, Stotfold, Bedfordshire, UK)

"Gordi, just a word to say how thrilled we were with the photo restoration job you did for us. That old damaged photo magically restored to pristine condition, absolutely great! Thank you so much for your efforts." (Jim Thompson, Stanborough Arts, Welwyn Garden City, UK)

"We had seen a series of photographs Gordi Brown had taken following a trip to South Africa. We were very impressed by the finesse and depth of his work. His photographs of landscapes show a superb sense of geometry. Paradoxically, Gordi manages to capture movement in his work, a real 'tour de force'. When looking for a photograph for the cover of our book: 'Engaging With Complexity - Child & Adolescent Mental Health And Education' (Karmac), Gordi Brown's photographs did immediately spring to mind. We were especially attracted by 'Kalk Bay'. Its visual abstraction seemed well suited to represent the idea of complexity, central to our book. Gordi Brown is an accomplished photographer and we will use his work again without hesitation." (Sadegh Nashat: Co-Editor of 'Engaging With Complexity', London, UK)

"I was given a print of 'Musical Rails' as a birthday present. I love it! I found Gordi very helpful and generous with his time when I was deciding how best to frame my print. The picture is an emotionally resonant part of my home now. I find it an inspiring and grounding image that reminds me of the best things in my life. Thank you!" (Angela Ward, High Barnet, London, UK)

"Dear Gordi, I just wanted to let you know how very much I am enjoying the photos, especially 'A Drink Of Water'. I've hung that one on the landing outside our bedroom where I see it every morning and night, but I'm thinking of moving it downstairs so that I see it more often without having to climb four flights of stairs, because looking at it gives me such aesthetic pleasure." (Prof Morag Stuart, Islington, London, UK)

"I recently saw an exhibition of Gordi Brown's photographs. I've collected photographs on and off all my life, and loved Gordi's work - so much so that I bought one of his pictures 'Kalk Bay'. The slightly abstracted use of colour and water captured something of the sea for me in a powerful way. Gordi was immensely helpful and professional in responding to my enquiry, and in furnishing me with a really high quality framed print with which I am delighted. I may yet come back for more!" (Dr Matthew Patrick, London, UK)

"We had a photo of my late mother and father on their wedding day, but it had suffered over the years, having a bad stain, and was curled and faded. Also, it was printed on heavy textured paper. We had no hope of salvaging it, but Gordi insisted he could do something. The result is breathtaking. Not only is the new version sharp and vibrant, Gordi was able to perform his magic and remove some of the clutter that distracted attention from my parents. He even managed to reconstruct my father's leg which had been hidden behind a table! My brother and I are delighted and somewhat emotional with the result. Gordi has transformed this picture from an old, faded, and damaged memento to a wonderful, vibrant memory. We didn't believe it was possible!" (Laurel Freedman, Hendon, London, UK)

"I asked Gordi Brown to design the publicity cover for my short film. I gave him numerous photos, selecting only one as a favourite and possible option. I suggested a few ideas but I left the design to him. I was absolutely delighted with the samples he returned. He blended a montage of a handful of photos that completely captured the essence of the film. After further discussion and some enhancements, I was presented with a perfect design. I will definitely go to Gordi again, and without doubt recommend him - for his imagination, eye for detail, and professionalism." (Sam Southwick, Barnes, London, UK)

"I have used Gordi Brown Retouching services on many occasions. Gordi himself is a pleasure to deal with. I have found him very professional, courteous, and value for money. Gordi is very knowledgeable about what is involved in retouching and always willing to help where possible." (Malcolm Darer, St Albans, Hertfordshire, UK)

"I contacted Gordi Brown for the creation of an invitation for a retirement party. Gordi produced an amazing and amusing montage blending a recent photo with an old photo with appropriate retouching. His flair for design and artistic skills impressed not only me but everyone who received the invite. I was delighted by Gordi's ability to understand my request, his timing, and meticulous attention to detail regarding spacing, light, and visual impact. I highly recommend Gordi Brown for top class design and retouching projects." (Patricia Biron, Lyon, France)

"Gordi Brown transformed a whole set of poor to average quality wedding photos into a wonderful wedding album with great visual impact. His eye for detail and creativity in both how the photos were arranged in the album, to retouching the photos, adding light, painstakingly editing out objects, aspects that detracted from the essence of the photo, creating balance and focus in the photos, was outstanding. I would highly recommend his work as you get an outstanding, professional service, and value for your money." (Dr Frances Lee, London, UK)

"From an old portrait photograph, badly damaged by many tears and deep creases, Gordi has created a copy that looks as good as the original photograph would have looked when it was taken 60 years ago. Unbelievable! It's so amazing what he has achieved. He has brought a faded and discoloured photograph back to life. I am absolutely thrilled with my new print. If I need any more photos restored I know who to call. Gordi's work is of top quality and I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending him to anyone who wants a first class, professional service." (John Raymond Southey, Radlett, Hertfordshire, UK)

"I've used Gordi Brown on several occasions and have found his work to be of a very high standard. As a full-time professional photographer I insist on high standards and Gordi meets my expectations every time. Try him! Send him some images, and like me you won't be disappointed." (Terry Pearce - Pro Image Photography, Ely, UK)